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Hello there!

My name is Emil Stefansson. Nice to meet you!

About this website and myself

I am the web administrator and main editor/writer here at LaptopSuggest.com. The site’s story begins in the summer of 2015, when I first decided to publish articles about notebooks and technology in general, with an emphasis on reviewing the latest laptop models.

This website’s main focus is on a value-for-money analysis. I take my reviews seriously. I don’t partake in paid promotions by brands. All my reviews are as objective as they can be and reflect my honest opinion about the product at hand.

For the last 15 years or so, my passion for everything related to computers and technology has enabled me to become somewhat knowledgeable in the field. Therefore, I am now the go-to person for all my friends, co-workers and family when it comes to buying advice, product suggestions, comparisons, optimization tips, easy repairs, and so on.

My decision to start writing notebook reviews on this website has since allowed me to pursue my passion for technology in the most engaging way possible.

None of my reviews are sponsored in any shape or form, unless otherwise explicitly stated in the closing paragraph of each article. Every single piece of content contains my most sincere opinion about the product I’m writing about.


As of October 2019, the site is structured as follows:

  • Reviews category. The place where content-rich, individual notebook reviews are being posted. Usually, I write and publish two or three feature articles each week.
  • Best College Laptops – A regularly updated page tailored to students looking for the perfect laptop to use while studying at university.

I have plans to further extend the reach and scope of LaptopSuggest.com by adding several more useful pages in the near future.


As of now, the only way I am monetising this website is through the Amazon Affiliates program, which grants me a small percentage of each sale after a visitor has purchased an item or several items on Amazon.com through one of the links posted within this website’s posts. All this, at no extra cost for the buyer whatsoever.

You’ll notice that I’ve inserted a disclaimer at the end of each article that contains such affiliate links. This way, I want to achieve full transparency regarding my revenue streams.

Also, there are no display ads on LaptopSuggest.com. I don’t believe my visitors will benefit from them, so I’ll probably won’t be using such ads in the foreseeable future.

Advertising and samples

I am open to all kinds of advertising opportunities, should I believe they’re adequate and useful for my visitors. Also, if you’re a company or manufacturer who wants me to honestly review a notebook/ultrabook/2-in-1/tablet, or related components and accessories, feel free to get in touch by sending an email via the Contact page form.

That’s all about myself and the website you’re currently browsing. I wish you a pleasant stay and I can only hope my reviews will prove useful to yourself and to as many visitors as possible. Have a nice day!