Dell XPS 9360-3591SLV Review

Dell’s brand new lineup of XPS ultrabooks couldn’t be more exciting: the latest ultralight models from the American manufacturer feature the same essential elements that have distinguished the XPS series from competition in the last years. Read more about the Dell XPS 9360-3591SLV!

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Acer Aspire S13 Touch S5-371T-58CC Laptop Review

One of this year’s most refreshing laptop series, the Aspire S13 just received two more models to its lineup. Both have touch-enabled screens and the differences are limited to processor type and storage capacity. The Acer Aspire S 13 Touch S5-371T-58CC and the S5-371T-76UX are two laptops that will surely make waves in the months to come.

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ASUS ZENBOOK UX303UA-YS51 Laptop Review

ASUS has refreshed their ZenBook line with a new addition: the ultralight ASUS ZENBOOK UX303UA-YS51 ultrabook. It’s a direct successor to the acclaimed UX303LA model, which I’ve covered in an earlier post, and although differences are small, some improvements are to be expected in key areas like battery life.

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Dell Inspiron i7359-6793SLV 13.3 Inch Laptop

The Dell Inspiron i7359-6793SLV was released at the beginning of the year as a premium oriented alternative to the standard 2-in-1 notebooks on the market. And while I do appreciate Dell’s willingness to out of their way to outfit this device with the latest technology, it doesn’t come without a few minor drawbacks.

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