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Acer Aspire F5-573G-510L Laptop Review

Acer’s Aspire F series, popular for its versatile laptops has just received another model for its lineup, the Acer Aspire F5-573G-510L.


At $699 MSRP at the time of this review, this mid to high range laptop delivers impressive performance from a body that would suggest otherwise at first. Bulky and unapologetic, the Acer F5-573G-510L surprised me when actually researching its capabilities.


The hardware choices bring big value to the table, so much so that this laptop is really a bargain for power users.


A dual core Intel Core i5-7200U processor powers the Acer Aspire F5-573G-510L. Mid range, highly versatile and time tested, this CPU has 3 megabytes of cache and a base frequency of 2.5 GHz that goes up to 3.1 GHz under max load. This is a powerful mobile processor with moderate efficiency ratings, meaning you’ll get the best of two worlds: performance and battery life.

Acer has installed 12 gigabytes of DDR4 RAM inside this notebook. Twelve gigs is likely more than the average user will ever need. It will handle large data sets, heavy multitasking and many, many simultaneously open browser tabs, as well as demanding programs.

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However, should the need arise for even more system memory, Acer has you covered. The two memory slots allow for a maximum of 32 gigabytes to be installed by the user.

Also, removing and adding memory or changing the hard drive is easier than ever, thanks to a smartly designed backdoor for fast access, without having to take the whole thing apart.

The Acer Aspire F5-573G-510L comes with two storage devices. One is a 128-gigabyte SSD, great for hosting the operating system and important programs. Speedy and reliable, the solid state drive will make Windows boot in seconds, not to mention helping programs run smoothly.

The other storage medium is a 1-terabyte HDD, great for those big files or media collections that need to be stockpiled somewhere. Sometimes the cloud isn’t enough, and Acer offers a no compromise solution.

As you can see, the standard specs and expansion possibilities already make the Acer F5-573G-510L a great desktop replacement option or a versatile workstation in any company.

Graphics and display

Raw power aside, the Acer Aspire comes with a discrete graphics card! Specifically, it’s equipped with a 4-gigabyte GeForce GTX 950M. This means games are easily playable on the Acer; even newer titles will be aproachable. Of course, streaming HD and 4K content will work flawlessly, as well as editing photos and videos. Even 3D rendering software won’t hinder the Acer much.


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The 15.6 inch Full HD LED-backlit display doesn’t feature IPS technology unfortunately, so the viewing angle won’t be as wide as other, more premium laptops. It does, however, feature Acer’s ColorBlast technology, which promises up to 94% NTSC and ExaColor, tuning contrast, sharpness and color temperature, adjusting every frame accordingly.

Interface options

It wouldn’t have been a great desktop replacement without some serious interface possibilities. Here they are:

  • 1 x USB-C port
  • 2 x USB 3.0 ports (one with Charger+)
  • 1 x USB 2.0 port
  • 1 x HDMI
  • 1 x RJ-45
  • 1 x COMBO audio jack
  • 1 x SD card reader
  • 1 x DVD-Writer


You’ll be able to use the Acer Aspire F5-573G-510L both in airports and at home using a wired connection. It has a 802.11ac 2×2 MU-MIMO, meaning transfer speeds will be up to 3 times faster when compared to older “bgn” generation cards. You can read more about MU-MIMO technology in the article I’ve written about it here.

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There’s built-in Bluetooth 4.1 for connecting to your media and other mobile devices and a Gigabit Ethernet connection. The latter will prove useful when gaming or streaming FHD/4K content.

Other features

  • Backlit Keyboard
  • HDR webcam
  • Acer TrueHarmony technology
  • Acer BluelightShield software

Portability and battery life

All those great hardware choices I’ve mentioned earlier come in a rather bulky chassis. It’s worth noting the Acer Aspire F5-573G-510L isn’t the most portable device out there. At 5.3 pounds it isn’t exactly the heavies either, but you’ll struggle to carry it around town or in your backpack when traveling, especially if you also include the charger.


However, in spite of the added weight, battery life is phenomenal. A full charge will last up to 12 hours under easy load, meaning you’ll likely get at least 10 hours of screen time when browsing the internet, writing emails, editing documents or playing video files. This increased autonomy is possible thanks to a 6-cell, 2800 mAh Li-Ion battery pack.

So, we have a moderately heavy laptop with great battery life on our hands. Who’s it for? Well, it could work as a desktop replacement and multimedia center around the house, as a powerful workstation around the office or in the field and as a college laptop for students who need the battery life for courses and the raw power for work&play back home.

Final words

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The Acer Aspire F5-573G-510L has great value for money. As a mid range laptop, it offers fantastic expansion options (RAM, storage space), as well as great starting specs (processor, memory, two storage mediums, discrete graphics, impressive display, good networking, connectivity and great battery life).

If you care more about what a laptop can do than how good one looks, this might be a good device for your needs.

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