Dell XPS9560-7001SLV-PUS Laptop Review

The latest addition to Dell’s popular XPS series is the 15.6″ premium ultrabook, the Dell XPS9560-7001SLV-PUS. This flagship device is viewed by many, including Dell themselves, as a MacBook Pro killer. While that’s debatable, its desirable characteristics make it at least a worthy contender.

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Dell XPS 9360-3591SLV Review

Dell’s brand new lineup of XPS¬†ultrabooks couldn’t be more exciting: the latest ultralight models from the American manufacturer feature the same essential elements that have distinguished the XPS series from competition in the last years. Read more about the¬†Dell XPS 9360-3591SLV!

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Dell Inspiron 11 3179 2-in-1 Laptop Review

Dell has launched a couple of new models to refresh the 11-inch 3000 series laptop, mostly because the new processors from Intel code named Kaby Lake were released earlier this fall. The new generation of 2-in-1 laptops are named Dell Inspiron 11 3179.

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