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Lenovo 3i Chromebook ‎82N4003CUS Review & Tech Specs

The Lenovo 3i Chromebook 82N4003CUS is budget friendly notebook sold for around $300 at the time this short review was written. It doesn’t offer much in terms of performance, but delivers a user-friendly interface, and a long battery life. It makes for an alright choice for those who need a reliable device for everyday use. It’s also a budget-friendly option for students who need a device for online classes, note taking and basic assignments.

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Lenovo IdeaPad 1 81VU0079US Laptop Review

There are affordable laptops, and then there are cheap laptops: the Lenovo IdeaPad 1 belongs to the latter of those two categories. Today I’m going to talk about the IdeaPad 1 81VU0079US model, a 14-inch entry-level notebook. Your expectations shouldn’t exceed a low bar set by the price and hardware options inside it. I’ll list a couple of better alternatives you should consider, at the end of this article.

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ASUS L410 Laptop Review (L410MA-DB02)

ASUS have recently unveiled a new and very affordable laptop line: the L410 series. Today, I’ll be talking about the ASUS L410MA-DB02 model, which is being sold for about $250 at the time of this review. The L410 is basically an improved and updated version of the brand’s immensely popular E406 series. In this review, I’ll to answer whether this model’s price tag should be considered a warning or a great deal for any potential users.

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ASUS Chromebook C425 Review (C425TA-DH384)

When it comes to Chromebooks, it’s usually hard justifying a price tag of more than around $400. Normally, these devices offer lower performance and a narrower experience range than their traditional laptop counterparts. ASUS has recently launched such a device. It’s called the ASUS Chromebook C425, and the model I’ll be reviewing today is the 14-inch C425TA-DH384.

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ASUS L406 Laptop Review (L406MA-AB02-WH)

February 5, 2021 update:
A newer model is available.
Find out more about the ASUS L410 or buy now from Amazon.

Today I’ll be taking a quick look at one of the most good looking affordable laptops available today. The ASUS L406 notebook doesn’t have much going for itself when it comes to performance, or features. Yet, its attractive price makes it an OK device for young students, everyday home users and some office workers. The model I’ll be analyzing today is called the ASUS L406MA-AB02-WH. It’s white, it has a 14 inch screen, and can handle most moderately demanding daily tasks.

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ASUS Chromebook C302CA-DHM4 Review

The new ASUS Chromebook Flip C302CA-DHM4 is a 2-in-1 convertible laptop that runs on Chrome OS. This is the second device of this type I’ve seen hit the shops, after the Samsung I’ve reviewed a couple of days ago.

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