Lenovo Yoga 3 80JH0025US

The Yoga 3 (80JH0025US model) is a newly introduced variant of the successful 2-in-1 notebook solution from Lenovo. Although not as refined as its older brother, the Yoga 3 Pro, this laptop will surely impress through hardware specifications, quality materials and general ease of use.

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Lenovo S41 80JU000VUS

The Lenovo S41 is an affordable ultrabook solution that embodies uncompromising features in a thin and lightweight body, perfect for those who want more from their everyday laptop. It’s a bit of a crossover between the more established, sleek and glossy ultrabooks and the down to earth notebooks which can be used in a home environment. Thus, the unassuming Lenovo S41 Series will serve as a good mobile office station for most users.

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